How do I get started?

The Early Adopters phase of the program has now begun. If you are interested in participating please contact Program Assistant Mary Schweich at 651-697-7572 or

Minnesota’s Green Path Orientation & Training
Monday, April 23, 2012
Cost:  $49
You can register with Mary at or 651-697-7572.

Base Certification Requirements

Energy Efficiency
  • HERS index of 70 or better
  • Blower door test result of ≤0.3 cfm50 per sq. ft. of building enclosure or lower.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified (or better) dishwasher, clothes washer, refrigerator, if installed.
  • Install energy efficient lighting such as CFL, or LED hard-wired fixtures in 50% of whole house.
  • Above grade exterior wall insulation must be R-21 or better and installed to Grade II of the Resnet Standards (Refer to 2009 IECC).
  • Foundation insulation minimum R-10 rigid foam exterior insulation or equivalent.
  • Air seal around outside of window and door units with low expansion foam insulation (maintain drainage void at base of window).
  • All ductwork installed in exterior wall cavities must have a minimum of sealed R-10 rigid foam installed along the exterior wall of the cavity.
  • Must install programmable thermostat.
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Mechanical ventilation of home for 48 hours prior to occupancy.
  • All gas combustion equipment must be sealed or direct vented.
  • Isolate attached garages: install air barrier, seal common walls, ceiling and penetrations prior to insulating. Provide gasketed door to living spaces.
  • Provide capillary breaks. 1) between top of footings and bottom of foundation wall 2) below slabs where cementitious products connect to framing material (i.e. garage floors, stoops, and porches).
  • May not use building cavities as a part of the duct work for supplies and returns (i.e. cannot use panning of joist or wall cavities for air supply or return system).
  • Foundation waterproofed – from footing to sill plate.
Water Conservation
  • Install all faucets or add aerators with low flow. (1.5 gl/mn)
Resource Management
  • On two of the major elements of the building – walls, roof or floor – or in 50% of project – use FSC, SFI, or CSA certified wood for wood and wood-based materials and products.
  • On site disposal with vendor who recycles.
  • BATC Membership or other Local Home Builder Association Membership.
  • Attend program orientation and on-going annual updates.
  • 3 elective points in energy.
  • 2 elective points in indoor environmental quality