Green Path Designated Builder Program


According to newly released research by the Shelton Communication Group, 40% of US consumers want to be seen supporting eco-friendly products. It’s fundamental to who they are, not just a platitude, and there is no greater expression of someone’s identity than their home. Shelton further notes that green-home and product certifications reassure buyers, especially since most don’t know what specific features or products can result in a greener, more efficient home.
And perhaps most importantly for the Green Path Designated Builder program, buyers respect companies that position themselves as standing for sustainability. That way, they know your homes deliver on the value proposition and, as a result, they’ll seek you out, according to the Shelton Group. Among 16 different green features, home buyers rank green certification fifth in importance, following only such vital elements as high-efficiency HVAC, Energy Star appliances and water-saving measures.


The following builders have met the qualifications to be a Designated Green Path Builder including a commitment to energy test a minimum of 75% of their new single-family homes in 2020 and to attend annual training on green building. These builders are considered industry leaders in energy efficient residential home construction and we invite you to reach out to them to learn more.

Interested in becoming a Designated Green Path Builder?